Shopify Apps
on Rails

How to build Shopify Apps
with Ruby on Rails

You'll learn everything about building Shopify Apps including Polaris UI, the Shopify API and webhooks.

What you'll be learning

The comprehensive guide to Shopify app development

You'll learn everything you need to know about building production-grade Shopify apps, and we'll cover everything from the ground up.

  • The Shopify API

    You'll learn all about Shopify's massive Admin API. We'll be manipulating orders and customers.

  • Billing shop owners

    You'll learn how to bill your customers for one-off, recurring transactions, and per-use transactions.

  • Webhooks

    You'll learn how to build an event driven app using webhooks. We'll be building an example app that sends a text-message after an order is paid for.

  • Build familiar UI's with PolarisUI

    We'll be building everything using Shopify's PolarisUI CSS framework, which will make your apps look beautiful and feel familiar to store owners.

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